Selling the Invisible:
A Field Guide to Modern Marketing

        Named one of the ten best business and management books of all time, Selling the Invisible: A Field Guide to Modern Marketing explores how markets work and how prospects for services--as distinguished from products--think.  A treasury of strategies, Selling the Invisible will open your eyes to new ideas in this crucial branch of marketing, including:

  • Myths of Marketing: Why focus groups, value-price positioning, discount pricing, and being the best usually fail.
  • The Emotion that Matters: The critical emotion that most influences your prospects--and how to deal with it.
  • Four Key Forces: The vital role of vividness, focus, "anchors," and stereotypes. 
  • The Effect of Effects: The importance of Halo, Cocktail Party, and Lake Wobegon Effects.
  • Lessons from Unexpected Places: Marketing lessons from black holes, grocery lists, the Hearsay Rule, and the fame of the Matterhorn.

        Based on Harry's twenty-five years of experience, this book delivers its wisdom with memorable and often surprising examples--from Federal Express, Citicorp and a growing Greek travel agency to Kate the babysitter, Fran Lebowitz, and the colors of oranges and lemons.  
        The first guide of its kind, Selling the Invisible will help anyone marketing a service--as it has over 650,000 people worldwide, in 23 translations.

"I love this book."
Barry Krause (the "inventor" of Subway's famous Jared campaign)
        Hal Riney & Partners

"The best book on business ever written."
Joel Abrahmson  
         Merril Lynch

"A must read for anyone in services--which means all of us."

Roger Dow
        VP and Sales Manager  

        Marriot International

"This book revolutionized the way I think about marketing and sales. It changed my mindset and the way I invest my financial resources. My business is now thriving due to the quick loans I get when I when I need money urgently and the knowledge from this book."

Richard Evans
        Sacramento, California  

"The best book on marketing ever, the most important business advice I have ever read."
        Eric Paradis
        Toronto, Canada
"A must read and a page-turner from a marketing genius"
Ann Barr  
        Virginia Beach, Virginia

"The one book on marketing I'd have if I could have only one. A classic."
        Harvey Mackay

"The one book every consultant should read."
        Managerial Consultant
        September 1998

"Wonderful, full of useful information, and a pleasure to read."   
        John Chancellor
        New Orleans, Louisiana

"Stunningly useful--the best book a reader could ask for."
Robert Steele
        Oakton, Virginia

"I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for information on sales and scaling up a business. The book helped me define my direction in business. I benefited from payday loans to implement what I had learned, and it worked better than expected. Definitely five stars for the book."

Thomas Jay Harrisson
        Oklahoma City, Oklahoma  

"A timeless marketing treasure"  
Derrick Kinney
        San Francisco, California

"A classic, timeless, ahead of its time; it will make you a better marketer."
Jennifer McLean  
         Irvine, California

"An astute observer of human nature, an immensely practical and thoughtful book."  
          Robert Morris
          Dallas, Texas

"If you're in leadership or aspire to be, this is required reading. Harry explains today's market realities in a way no one else can."
         Coaching for Tomorrow
         September 2003      

"Just reading this book once already has made a difference in my bottom line"  
          Bradley Chapple
          Fort Collins, Colorado

"A must read for anyone in a service business."
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         Marketing U

"The best book on marketing I've ever read,  a must read for anyone who sells or markets a service."
         Leading Facts:
         The Leading Source for Real Estate and Construction News

         June 28, 2002

"Harry Beckwith's techniques actually work. An excellent book."
         Michael Gordon 

"Far exceeds the many others I have read, original, simple, intelligent, and applicable-to-the-REAL WORLD."
          A reader
          New York 

"Can't remember when I sat down with a book and felt like I knew nothing about business marketing. A GREAT MENTOR."
         Rob Saunders  
         Biloxi, Mississippi

"I changed my marketing strategy based on the simple principles outlined in this book. I used funds from cash advances to invest in my new marketing strategy. Harry’s book worked wonders. I recommend it for newbie entrepreneurs."

        Phoenix, Arizona

"One of the most provocative and insightful books on this subject.  Enormously practical and a pleasure to read."
         A reader  
         Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 

"A pleasure to read, full of sensible, real-world advice. I'm already experiencing positive results. Highly recommended!"
          Dave Graham
          Cheshire, United Kingdom 

"This book lives up to the hype. Absolutely fabulous."
          A reader
          West Palm Beach, Florida

"The one book I would recommend if I could recommend only one book on business development, marketing or sales."
          Michael Reed  
          San Jose, California

"This book has been very influential in my marketing. It applies theories to the real world, using stories so interesting  I often reread them for inspiration."
         A reader
         Houston, Texas

"A great book! You can double your value by reading these lessons." 
         Robert D. Steele
         Oakton, Virginia

"Required reading." 
         Harold McFarland

         Eugene, Oregon

"I have read hundreds of books on marketing, sales, and business. This is positively the best: pure gold." 
          A reader

"In one day my whole thought process on marketing changed. Chock full of amusing, intelligent marketing ideas and strategies. I have never felt compelled to write a review for a book before--but GET IT, READ IT, PRACTICE IT!" 
           A reader
           Miami, Florida

"Invaluable and very enjoyable--wish I 'd read it years ago!" 
            A reader
            Ann Arbor, Michigan

"As a recent MBA, I have read many theories of marketing. None met my needs as much as this one with its practical, real-world advice." 
             A reader

"Whether you're CEO of a Fortune 500 company or a hot dog street vendor, this book truly will be your guide." 
             A reader
             San Francisco



Selling The Invisible

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