What Clients Love:
A Field Guide to Growing Your Business

What Clients Love will help you stand out and make your messages stick.  From making a pitch to building a brand, from designing a logo to closing a sale, this is a field guide to take to the front lines of your daily sales and marketing battles.

Filled with case studies of successes and failures, it shows you:

  • Why Jefferson Airplane Flew.   Everyone knows there's a Jefferson Monument, but a Jefferson Airplane? Why do names like that stick?
  • How to Strike with Velvet Sledgehammers.   How do you find the perfect point between saying too little and selling too hard?
  • Applying The Frenchman on the Street Test.  How do you know if your message is simple enough to stick in people's memories?  Here's a simple test.
  • Dress Julia Roberts.  A memorable scene from Pretty Woman that will help you understand the key emotion that drives every prospect.

What Clients Love will help you get focused, stay focused and follow the essential rules to success by doing the little things right--and the big things much better.

"Loaded with information."
      USA Today

"Amazing and important."
Miami Herald

"Harry's advice truly has built our business, and you can get it for a fraction of his hourly fee by reading this terrific book."
         Dick Kovacevich  
         Wells Fargo Corporation

"One of the best business books I've ever read. You won't be able to put it down."
       Cincinnati Post

"Great insights into what customers experience and expect, together with a prescription of what to do about it."
         James Champy   
         Reengineering the Corporation

"Loaded with great ideas."
         The Hindu

"His two-page checklist on questions is  worth the price alone."
         Jack Trout

"Extraordinary... a fresh approach to fresh ideas, a wake-up call for anyone in business."

"Filled with strategies that readers can take to the front lines,  and studded with real stories of marketing success and failure."
         Dallas Star-Telegram

"Marketing maven Beckwith is back!"
         Richmond Times-Dispatch

"A brilliant book."
         Deena Katz
         Deena Katz's Tools and Templates For Your Practice

"Imagine if Benjamin Franklin set out to write a book, having absorbed Peter Drucker and Ted Levitt, then turned it over to Strunk and White for editing.  The result?  This eloquent and informative book."
          Robert Morris
          Dallas, Texas

"A gold mine"
         William R. West
         Houston, Texas

"The ultimate practice management guru."
         Brian Benjamin Carter
         San Diego, California

"Extraordinary.  I finished and started reading it again. It's that good!'
         Carlos Tarheel
         Wappingers Falls, New York

"Superb.  A gift of insight and clarity, the most useful book you may ever read."
         John de la Cruz
         San Antonio, Texas

"An absolutely fantastic resource, with tremendous insight based on both research and  experience as to what drives clients and consumers, and how to effectively communicate with them.  " 
         Robin Eldred  
         General Manager  
         Apis Design, Inc.

"Short, sweet, clear, concise, and extraordinarily interesting.  Highly recommended and truly transformational."
         Kel Brown
         Ashburn, Virginia

"By far the best book on sales, service and marketing--and I've read over a hundred!"
         Michael I. Barr, D.D.S.
         West Palm Beach, Florida

"Loaded with great ideas and thought-provoking suggestions."
         Jim Scanlan
         Boston, Massachusetts

"Truly exceptional."
         Dr. Carlos N. Velez, MBA
         Wappingers Falls, NY

"Once again, I find myself reading a Beckwith books almost religiously and getting such assurance from its insights."
         David Lassiter
         Greensboro NC

"I have not been able to put this book down!  Totally engaging, beautifully formatted. I've never run across anything like it, a book that slices away the fat with such candor."

         Greg Hengesbaugh
         Springfield, New Jersey

"A tremendous book with wonderful ideas and insights.  I brought What Clients Love to my USF class--I teach in the MBA program--held it up and pronounced: 'Buy this book, read this book, live this book!"
         Nora Bergman
         Director, St. Petersburg Bar Association
         St. Petersburg, Florida

"You won't be able to put it down."

"Great inspiration."
"Valuable, fresh, funny and strategic"
"Direct, concise and  inspiring, big chunks of sweet insight and great loaves of knowledge that will help you design a better business."
         Entrepreneurial Connection

What Clients Love

"Clear off a spot on your bookshelf for all his books. You'll be referring to them for years."
 Mark Fallon
         The Berkshire Company

"Should be read by all marketers who value client relationships."
      Charles Maddock
         Altman Weil Consultin

"An excellent handbook for any business, an invaluable journal --a must-read!"
         The Digital M

         April 15, 2003

"Revealing and insightful, filled with so many great ideas."
         Direct Connect 

         Great Books List

"Another incredible contribution by Mr. Beckwith."
 Michael Gordon 
         Los Angeles

"I have loved all his books--great examples of tight, persuasive, well-composed prose."
   Richard Krevolin
         Screenwriting Professor, USC

"Truly amazing, it changed the way we position our already profitable company."
     Rajesh Setty
         CIGNEX Technologies

"Useful, direct, and inspiring: a winner."
          Publishers Weekly

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