Every Review (even the weakest)

"A Notable Book of the Year"

        American Booksellers Association

"Splendid and valuable"       
        Border's Monthly

"Remarkable.  That rare business book you want to read out loud to associates, family and friends."
        Bay Area Business
        "Recommended Books"

"An amazing book."
  Jim Tuffin
        Southhampton, Hampshire
        United Kingdom
"The ultimate fix for a business book junkie"

"if you read just one book this year, read this--often!"
        Boris Kraft (creator of Magnolia, the ECM system)
        Basel, Switzerland

"Great insights.  It helped me look at my business in a totally new way and take steps I was hesitating to take. "
        Tareq Abu Ghazaleh
        Amman, Jordan

"Its depth of insight makes this book a must for anyone looking to improve not just their business acumen, but their life."
        Aaron Curtis
        Owner, Books & Books
        Bal Harbour, Florida

"A beauty, a great read--what a gift.  I love this book."
        Mike Marchev
        Colonia, New Jersey
"I read over 150 books a year. Some are good and a few are great.
You Inc is Unbelievable."

         Hello My Name is Scott
         March 2007

"One of year's finest business books"
        Barnes &

"Utterly clear and truly profound."
         Jack Lott
         Premiere Trade

"Valuable, interesting, lively, a great gift, a lifesaver."
          Don Mitchell

"The best business book I've read this year"
Drew's Marketing Minute

"A great book that is well worth reading--two or three times a year."
        John Chancellor
        New Orleans

"Full of nuggets that will inspire you, written from their lives and their hearts"
        Thom Singer 
        Austin, Texas

"If after reading a book you can walk away with just one idea that inspires or enlightens, the book has succeeded. The Beckwiths do this time and again, with captivating stories that demonstrate how to communicate in a way that  sticks."
        Carolyn Thornlow 
        New York City

"Perfect, the one book I recommend to all my friends and colleagues."
Lori Grant

"I love all of Harry's books, yet this may be the best, with so many valuable tips and strategies."
        Shepard Hyken
        St. Louis

"Wise tips for making you a better businessperson--and a better human being"

        The Miami Herald


You, Inc.

"I can guarantee I will read it again--and you will, too."
Adam Jusko    
        Blog Critics Magazine

"Refreshing and practical"

        Publisher's Weekly

 "A Best Bet For Board of Directors Reading"
        Directors & Boards

"It doesn't belong on a shelf; it belongs beside every reader, to be read and reread.  It's wonderful."
          Wayne Kurtz
          Letter to the Authors

"Five stars: I recommend this to everyone who wants to achieve their goals, but is unsure how."
        ITunes review of audiobook

"Five Stars: A great book"
        Barb Grant
        Review of audiobook

"A wonderful, motivational book."
        Anne McAlpin
        Travel Expert
        Pack It Up, Inc.

"I couldn't put it down.  Such wonderful lessons that we are purchasing copies for our entire managment team."
        Bill Passolt
        President and CEO
        Fortress Insurance
        Letter to the authors

"Outstanding.  This book has focused me, energtized me, and made we want to do more and better."
        David Weiman
        Wynnewood, Pennsylvania
        Letter to the authors

"An outstanding read, chock-full of pearls, it should be read multiple times.  Our copy has virtually doubled in thickness because of all the dog-eared pages.  It won't even close normally!"
        Michael Barr, DDS
        Palm Beach, Florida

"Loved it!   Great work."
        Jason Mudd
        Jacksonville, Florida

"A great book, a must-own for every business professional."
        Ryan Stevens

"Absolutely wonderful"
Mary Ashley

I did not think that Harry Beckwith could out-do himself -- but he did!  Christine's stories made it even better."
      Karen Deis

"One of the five best business books I've read this year.  Delightful."
Bob Pike

"A grand, grand, grand book"
          Betsy L. Redfern
          Sr. Vice President
          Denver, Colorado

"Required reading" 

"WOW"... an awesome book.  I can't tell you how much I have benefited, recently I have been offered an even better position with a larger firm."
        Matthew Vuolo
        Elmwood Park
        New Jersey

"A wealth of invaluable insights. And I won't spoil its ending. That would be like opening your gift."

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