The Invisible Touch:
The Four Keys to Modern Marketing

        Selling the Invisible was innovative and widely-acclaimed, appearing on the Business Week and New York Times bestsellers lists and eventually being named one of the top ten business books of all time. The Invisible Touch further explores the world of service businesses, and their special challenges in attracting and keeping clients.
        To market their services, service business leaders must first understand the psychology of service prospects and clients.  Harry reveals the critical knowledge, and the pivotal role played by four key infiuences on the decision to choose and retain a service:

  • Price:  Its seductive power--from Uma Thurman's Five-Dollar Milk Shake to the Mansion at Turtle Creek.
  • Brand:  The triumph of Red Pepper, Opium, Yahoo!, and the inscrutable A-AI AC Delco Jani Express Cleaning Service 500.
  • Packaging:   Looking at the pretty mousetraps of Disneyland, the ugly Butterfly Effect, and the tale of oranges and shoe heels.
  • Relationships:  Jim Marinelli's magic word, Laura Nyro's blunder, and further ripples of Recency and Vividness Effects.

        Based on Harry's thirty years of study and business experience, this book delivers its wisdom with unforgettable and often surprising examples--from Apple's resurgence to Camden Yards'  facelift, relying for its centerpiece on the eternal lessons of a famous coffee commercial. 
        Informative and easily implemented, The Invisible Touch shows you how to market a service and, most important, how to keep happy, loyal clients with you forever.

"Harry makes the invisible engagingly accessible." 
         The Motley Fool©

"No word describes him better than 'outstanding.'  Listening to Harry is a really golden moment." 
         Christer Hanefalk  
         Stockholm Sweden

"These insights are invaluable." 
         Brian P. Graham,
         Vice President, Sales

"An exceptionally clear, innovative business thinker."
         Robert Morris 
         Dallas, Texas

"Brilliant insight into selling and positioning the intangible: services both online and off."
         Adam F. Jewell
         Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

"My favorite marketing book! Many, many thought provoking ideas. I could never sell my book because it's too marked up!"
         Doug Smythe     
         Design Smythe

"Wow! I've just finished reading it for the fifth time."
         Norman L. Minnick 
         Louisville, Kentucky

"A Great Follow-Up.  Don't be fooled that there's little substance here because each section is such a quick read. Just the opposite."
         Robert Middleton 
         Boulder Creek, California

"Clearly a hit, he has done it again, full of little gems that convey big truths. A must read for anyone in business."
         Bill West 
         Houston, TX

"A marketing/sales expert who has his finger on the pulse of 21st century marketing. I especially liked the sprinkling of real-world case studies and "lessons learned" throughout the book. And a fun read!"
         John W. Jones 
         Arlington Heights, Illinois



The Invisible Touch

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